The potential to save money:
Right after OPEX screening, we analyse the savings potential identified.  Our focus here is on close dialogue with the shipping company’s specialist divisions in order to gain an understanding of the vessel in question and the specifics of the year of operation.

The status quo report:
An initial status quo report analyses the individual ship management contracts and compares them with relevant and internationally applicable benchmarks.  This report tends to explain costs that appear to be high at first glance and serves as the basis for cooperation based on partnership.

Ongoing plausibility tests:
The business assessments are continuously checked for plausibility and are compared with relevant benchmarks.  We produce an annual report regarding a vessel’s economic and technical situation and are happy to make recommendations if required.
We also develop maintenance and repair scenarios and review the prudence of planned investments.  When it comes to repairs, investments and shipyard periods, we oversee everything from the request for proposals to execution of the work, and can monitor the progress on-site if necessary.  Ship visits and detailed valuations are performed all over the world by our own ship experts.

We aim to put a business on a strong footing for the shipping company, for the banks and for the investors.

Overseeing Shipyard Periods and Investments

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