From planning to construction, we are your partner for property risk management

We have spent many years advising banks regarding the financing of property, from the planning stage to the granting of planning permission and the actual construction phase.  The aim is to minimise the risk for the lender.  We also continue with building projects in the event of insolvency and advise investors.  Our approach in this area is as follows:

We draw up checklists for property financing projects:

  • Formulating financing criteria
  • List of questions for credit requests
  • List of measures for a credit decision
  • Checklists for the planning, planning permission and building stages

We give advice regarding credit decisions:

  • Plausibility check based on the documents submitted
  • Presenting the borrower with critical questions in order to minimise default risk
  • Quick checks in the case of credit requests

We give advice regarding additional credit requirements:

  • Evaluation of performance/credit payment
  • Monitoring previous use of funds
  • Ascertaining the remaining cost of completion

We see to additional checks:

  • Checking that the architects’, engineers’ and building contracts are complete from a technical and business point of view
    Cost, progress and quality control
  • Monitoring the use of funds
  • Monitoring the occupancy and/or sale rate

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