Sample: Consultancy References

Reorganisation of a Construction Company with a turnover of approx. € 350m.

  • Plausibility check of existing volume of orders with regards to anticipated earnings and marginal income.
  • Analysis of weaknesses
  • Negotiation with suppliers and subcontractors for partial waiver (averaging partial waiver of approx. 20 %)
  • Recapitalisation advice and creation of a continuation plan including assistance and monitoring of implementation
  • Spinning-off of viable segments of the company to secure capital and employee positions
  • New organisation for the holding structure
  • Debt/ claim management optimised

Reorganisation advice, creditor and debtor management, streamlining of the surety portfolio in a plant construction company with a turnover of approx. € 400m.

  • Validity check of the basis for calculating existing and future projects
  • Evaluation of debts and uncompleted contracts
  • Determination of a “realistic big picture” of the company as the basis of decision making for the credit institute
  • Listing and analysis of existing sureties
  • Return of old and overdue sureties > “Streamlining of the Surety Bond Portfolio”
  • Securing a free surety framework for future contracts
  • Construction and implementation of a surety bond management system > “Surety Bond Control”

Consultation on Reorganisation and Operation of a Construction Company with a turnover of approx. € 100m.

  • Participation in the creation of a recapitalisation and operational plan
  • Participation in the creation of a business plan
  • Validity check on calculations for current and new projects
  • Restructure of internal business sections
  • Restructure of the holding
  • Closing down of loss-making subsidiaries
  • Long-term monitoring and guidance during implementation of restructuring measures

Consultation on Reorganisation of a Chemical Company with a turnover of approx. € 30m.

  • Development of cost saving initiatives
  • Approved management in Finance and Audit Departments
  • Partial assumption of management tasks

Reorganisation of a Construction Company and affiliated dispatch department with turnover of approx. € 20m.

  • Closing down of non-profitable branches
  • Reduction of staff costs
  • Successful negotiation with the Department of Finance and Social Security operators
  • Creation and implementation of a business plan

Advice and Analysis of weaknesses for companies in construction, engineering and plant construction with a turnover of approx. € 2 – 100m

Quick-Checks for operational and decisions on the granting of credit across the spectrum of medium sized companies

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