Professional expertise – Partnership

Winkelmann Consult is an family-owned and owner-operated business: more than 25 years ago, Klaus Winkelmann and Dr Ingo Winkelmann became pioneers in guarantee management when they founded the consultancy firm Winkelmann Consult. Lars Winkelmann joined the management several years ago.

We have our roots in Hamburg, where we work with numerous financial and commercial enterprises around the world.  Our client base comprises not only German high-street banks, regional state banks, numerous savings banks, cooperative banks, credit insurers, international banks and investors, but also major shipping companies, the construction sector and other commercial enterprises.  We pool subject-specific, technical and business expertise for our clients and have seasoned experts located all over the world.

We specialise in guarantee, receivables and property risk management and shipping.  We work with our clients to develop tailored solutions, which we then implement together.

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