The focus when it comes to companies in a crisis is on cleaning up the guarantee portfolio. Our primary task is therefore to repay overdue guarantees. We also record and catalogue the outstanding guarantees and assign them to the individual projects. Subcontractor guarantees are fully recorded in the process and are assigned to the primary guarantees.

Our process concludes with the creation of a guarantee controlling system that we then implement within the company. This gives the affected company some major advantages: it makes guarantee volume available to it again for investment in new orders without it having to increase the guarantee credit line.

This procedure can be implemented independently of other restructuring measures and our fee is based entirely on success. The banks benefit from this too, as the guarantee risk is reduced and there is no longer any need to increase the guarantee credit line in order to keep the company afloat. What’s more, the guarantee risk is significantly reduced in the future if a guarantee controlling system is implemented.

> Insolvent companies

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