Shaping promising futures in shipping

We at Winkelmann Maritime Consult specialise in value-preserving ship management and are expert partners for dialogue with banks and investors, as well as shipping companies and insolvency administrators.  We aim to shape the future of shipping companies and banks such that they will enjoy profits coupled with long-term cost reductions.

A team of experts: we understand the interests and needs not only of banks and other lenders of capital, but also of the shipping companies, and we have personal ties to the sector.  Our interdisciplinary team has more than 25 years of experience in shipping and restructuring. The head of our shipping team, is a trained shipping agent and a lieutenant commander in the reserves, and is also a fully qualified lawyer and an accredited attorney.  As the former head of the legal and tax department of the German Shipowners’ Association (VDR), he has a thorough understanding of maritime shipping and the set-up and structures of the individual shipping companies.  Our team consists of nautical and technical patent holders, fleet managers and inspectors,  as well as personnel managers (crewing) and budget analysts.

This allows us to make a subject-specific and technical judgement regarding which investments would be wise and which are necessary at which point in time – and ease what are often strained relations between the banks and the shipping companies.

We generally use the following approach:

  1. Opex Screening
  2. Ship Manager Controlling
  3. Overseeing Shipyard Periods and Investments

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